The Mary Tyler Moore Show: The Complete Sixth Season (DVD Set)

It is nice to see that Fox is sticking with the placement of subsequent seasons of their most well-remembered shows on DVD in a time when Blu-Ray has rapidly snatched up market share. The sixth season is the penultimate one, as the seventh season will ultimately close things up. All twenty-four episodes of this season are present on three discs, no mean feat considering the fact that the video footage may just be cleaner than when it was originally broadcasted across the United States.
While not as evident, if feels like the audio has been cleaned up in much the same way, giving viewers a Mary Tyler Moore experience that was how Brooks and Burns intended the show to be. For those individuals that need it, Fox has also placed alongside the English audio track a Spanish subtitle track that seems pretty spot-on. During this season, a few character s really gain some form of spotlight or otherwise have major changes in life.

For example, this season contains “Chuckles Bites The Dust”, where the aforementioned clown passes on, while Flo Meredith (Eileen Heckart) continues to stress over eir and Lou’s on-again, off-again relationship. With over ten hours of MTM Show to ford oneself through, the price point of this set ($30, with some online retailers clocking in at under $20) seems to be incredibly low. Of course, there are not any further additions (in the form of featurettes or audio commentary), but individuals will have an uphill battle watching the entirety of the set’s content before a month ticks off.

Rating: 7.4/10

The Mary Tyler Moore Show: The Complete Sixth Season (DVD Set) / 2010 Fox / 624 Minutes / /

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