The Metamorphosis of Miss Badass Peacock & Kizzy (Zine)

I have to apologize to Ben (Castle) here for reviewing these out of order, but I have to say from the beginning that this is a fun little zine. Badass Peacock and Kizzy are two fictional creations by Ben, and they reside in a fairly realistic interpretation of the world, albeit one with some pretty interesting prose describing it. The richness of the experience that Castle brings to reader is without comparison, as ey provides tremendous amounts of information in each subsequent sentence and paragraph.

Where there is little in the way of artwork or other non-white space breaks in this mini-zine, something as simple as different fonts, spacing, and bolding (“I’m eating Fruit Loops out of the box”) is tremendously enjoyable. The main plot of this zine is a play-like back and forth between the two main characters, with tremendous amounts of goofiness, quirks, and manic shifts between anger and friendship. Throw Ben $5 or $10 and see exactly what ey hooks you up with; I know that I’ll be waiting for subsequent issues involving Badass Peacock and Kizzy in the months to come.

Rating: 7.2/10

The Metamorphosis of Miss Badass Peacock & Kizzy (Zine) / Free /2010 Self / 16M / :10 /

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