Tribella – Thirteen (CD)

Where it seems like SXSW brings in the hip and happening to the Austin music scene, Tribella is poised to showcase that Austin has a vital musical landscape. “Deal Breaker” begins this release, establishing Tribella as an act that can showcase contemporary and classic influences alike. “WTKN” continues to add momentum to the early reaches of “Thirteen”, with the track establishing Tribella as an act that can link together the songs on a release while simultaneously exploring different approaches and styles. The act further builds up Tribella as a band that can layer tracks to allow for multiple interpretations of their motives and desires.

While it is very easy to enjoy the music as it is presented on the album, one need only listen to the interplay between the guitar and drums or in the lyrical content to find an entirely new take on the track. “13” may just be the best song on the album, as it links together The Cure with The Cranberries and Smashing Pumpkins to really represent a perfectly-polished bit of alternative rock. “My Guest List” is a track that has Tribella infuse a fair share of grungy rock to their nuanced sound, a move which gives the band more tools to work with later on as well as keeping things fresh for the second half of “Thirteen”.

One of the latter tracks of note has to be “Mister Mister”, an effort that sticks with listeners well after the track finishes up. While there is a little bit of a sing-songy nature to the vocals, the progression of the guitars in the lead up to the chorus is extraordinarily catchy. Couple that with vocals that will bounce around listeners’ heads, and one has the track that should bring Tribella into the spotlight. Where “Mister Mister” is straight-up catchy, listeners will be given an insight into exactly how experimental Tribella can get with “CSUS4”. “CSUS4” blends together psychedelic rock with surf and even Spanish dance to bring out a side of Tribella that is rarely seen on this album. Do whatever you can to pick up this album, see the band live, and familiarize yourself with what may just be the next step forward for female-oriented and alternative rock alike.

Top Tracks: Deal Breaker, Revolution Script

Rating: 8.3/10

Tribella – Thirteen / 2010 Self / 10 Tracks /

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