A Heartwell Ending – Trust Us We Lie (CD)

A Heartwell Ending starts out their “Trust Us We Lie” with some of the most genuine and impressive new emo since Amber Pacific cut their “Fading Days” EP. Whether the band is able to live up to that comparison for the rest of the disc is the $64,000 question. While the vocals created by A Heartwell Ending are good purveyors of information, they also work admirably with the guitar works on tracks like the aforementioned “From Heart and Soul to Pen and Paper”. The band changes things up slightly with “Give Up To Give In”.

In this track, the band lets the bass have eir own time in the spotlight, before mixing in a ska upstrum on the guitar to make something new and exciting for their listeners. The band is able to keep up the energy and spirit of “From Heart and Soul”, even going further into the realm of acts like Fall Out Boy and The All-American Rejects with the incredibly catchy chorus. The all-in chorus that is the focus of the track is absolutely amazing; it puts the cherry on what should be the next big hit on mTV. The title track is much sedate and understated; while there is a dance-punk guitar/drum interaction during this track, some other tracks will step up to be ready for the radio. This is not to say that A Heartwell Ending whiffs on this song, but rather that the band tries a number of things with this album.

“You’re my Dream Catcher” is another track that A Heartwell Ending creates for “Trust Us We Lie” that works within the framework provided by prior acts (this time, Yellowcard is the band that comes to mind) and can be written off as a success. Each subsequent track breaks free of emo convention by putting new bits and pieces into A Heartwell Ending’s sound. The band tries to create the best sound they can, and there is always a sense of experimentation that resounds throughout the compositions on “Trust Us We Lie”. The band keeps changing up their sound and the results are almost always perfect; A Heartwell Ending may not have broken it big yet, but they will as soon as this album gets some play on radio and video stations. Pick up this disc if you have any love for the current emo genre, as these kids will be the next big thing when the right VJ or DJ finds this disc and blasts the hell out of it.

Top Tracks: The Secret “Between The Sheets”, Give Up To Give In

Rating: 7.1/10

A Heartwell Ending – Trust Us We Lie / 2006 Mediaskare / 11 Tracks / http://www.aheartwellending.net / http://www.mediaskare.com / Reviewed 17 August 2006


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