Crazy on the Outside (Blu-Ray)

Throughout the course of the last twenty-five or so years, Tim Allen has rapidly moved up from time as a stand-up comedian to a television and even to a silver screen star. It is thus not surprising that Allen’s next challenge would be as a director, so here we are with eir own, self-funded title Crazy on the Outside. In this film, Allen plays Tommy, an individual that was sent up the creek (prison) for a number of years is finally released. As the film rolls on, Tommy realizes that the world outside is even more messed-up than it was back in jail. This means that eir significant other (Jeanne Tripplehorn, of Big Love fame) is continually pestering eir , where eir sister (Sigourney Weaver) tries to ensure that everything is on the level. Ray Liotta, Kelsey Grammer, and J.K. Simmons round out the all-star crew, filling the missing puzzle pieces that allow viewers to see exactly why Tommy’s life went awry the first time.

The Blu-Ray version of the film, which is currently available only at Target stores, has a few additional features for viewers to chew on. The gag reel is key for showing that even award-winning actors like Liotta or Grammar can slip up, while “Inside Crazy on the Outside” provides viewer with some semblance of exactly how hard the film’s cast and crew exactly worked on the title. Where they may be some issues in terms of the storytelling component with Crazy on the Outside, one can only expect Allen’s directorial talent to increase with each subsequent title.

When one goes to purchase their own copy of Crazy on the Outside, make sure to pick up the combo pack. This 2-disc set contains a Blu-Ray copy, but also sweetens the pot through the inclusion of a DVD and digital version of the title.

Rating: 7.0/10

Crazy on the Outside (Blu-Ray) / 2010 Fox / 96 Minutes / /

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