Old Spice Deck Scrubber Review

In the last few years, it seemed as if the idea of a pouf or modified loufah has been more and more accepted in the traditional male grooming category. Axe came out with their own brand, and soon after, Old Spice looked to capture lightning in a bottle with their “Deck Scrubber”. We had a month or two to rigorously test it out, so here are our thoughts about it.

The fabric of the deck scrubber is firm enough to properly exfoliate and get all the grit and grime off of an individual, while still ensuring that whatever product one uses does not slide off. The plastic hand grip is large enough to allow the individual to get a firm grip, to ensure that all of the hard to reach places are covered, while there is a lopped bit of rope present to allow the Deck Scrubber to drip dry and not harbor massive colonies of germs.

However, there is a major problem that became evident after only a week or so of everyday use of the Deck Scrubber. Where other scrubbing implements were firmly moored onto the cleaning fabric, the Deck Scrubber is connected through four bits of thread. The thread quickly dryrotted, making the fabric loose from the plastic on one side. This decreases the control that one has over it, and leads us to this present day. While the other two moorings are still in place, it seems like it will only be a matter of days until they come loose as well, transforming the scrubber back to the pouf that it originally replaced. Until there is a change in the thread used, avoid the Old Spice Deck Scrubber.

Rating: 4.5/10

Old Spice Deck Scrubber / http://www.oldspice.com

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