Remaindermen – Border States LP

“O’Immaculate” is a dense and nuanced track that showcases the band as tremendously capable to make a cogent narrative while working on the instrumental side of things. When the vocals finally kick in, the track is given a completely different bent. The rich, indie pop that the band crafts during this and subsequent tracks is honest and will ensure that the band snags additional listeners. “Little Gene” further allows the band to open up and experiment. This time out, The Remaindermen challenge individual conceptions about time signature, making an angular track that allows both guitars and drums to shine. The cherry on the top during “Little Gene” has to be the dreamy vocals that match wits with the odd horns or pianos that present themselves. The slower tempo that begins “White Lodge” is given time to meander, all while the capable hands of each Remaindermen member lead it to a conclusion only a scant three minutes after it began.

“Miami St” is one of the catchiest tracks on the “Border States” LP, for a variety of reasons. The progression of the track is what listeners will immediately hear, but the interplay between the smooth piano lines and the much more splashy percussion will pique listener’s interests considerably. It is when all of these elements come together in the moment before the vocals move into the chorus that a sense of zen is reached; a realization that The Remaindermen are truly special comes forth soon after. The band is not a flash in the pan, either, asd late disc tracks like “Tides In” show. “Tides In” is the album’s final cut, and it immediately has the band reaches for the stars. The vocals immediately come off like early Mick Jagger, while the heavenly guitar line create a billowy atmosphere that gives an epic feel to the track. The track gradually builds up to a point, which allows the band to spin on a dime and ride a hard-hitting plateau out till the disc’s conclusion.

So, make sure if the “Border States” LP sounds good to pick it up when it hits stores (June 15th). Dig the album, and take care to see the Remaindermen live – I have no doubt the extreme emotional intensity and instrumental virtuosity of the act will be further ratcheted up on a stage.

Top Tracks: White Lodge, The Bag

Rating: 8.3/10

Remaindermen – Border States LP / 2010 Nowhere Records / 7 Tracks / /

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