Wiseguy: The Collector’s Edition (DVD Set)

Ken Wahl was the main star of this show, but there were a significant amount of actors that got their first role on this show, which was a prominent fixture on CBS from 1987 to 1990. This means that Elsa Rabin was able to take the role of Vincent’s mother years before ey was Ida on Titanic while Gerald Anthony ratcheted up eir daytime-honed skill for eir role as Father Pete Terranova.

Foor those individuals that either missed the show in its initial run or were not alive or conscious those years, Wiseguy surrounds the actions taken by Vincent “Vinnie” Terranova (Wahl), who has been posted up as an undercover worker in the OCB (Organized Crime Bureau). Rather than being an episodic show in which everything resets at the conclusion of each hour, Wiseguy contains a number of lengthy story acs that allow the writers to properly flesh out motives, desires, and a supporting cast that imbues further realism to this already-gritty show. The first story arc contained in this set details Vinnie’s release from prison and eir rapid ascension to a major role in the Sonny Steelgrave (Ray Sharkey, whom viewers may remember from The Lords of Flatbush and Willie & Phil) crime empire. After causing this group to crumble, Vinnie continues to work at cleaning up the streets of major-level criminals, all while cozying up to them.

Mill Creek has done a great job of sharpening up the picture as well as making an audio track that is just as vibrant and clear as the original transmission .For those individuals that wish to have a comprehensive version of Wiseguy’s run at a low price (the MSRP is a hair under $45, with some stores cutting that price further), there is no reason why they should not go to their local store and pick up a copy. With this series in the books, here’s to hoping Mill Creek continues to find those forgotten shows and do them up in a way deserving of their quality.

Rating: 7.6/10

Wiseguy: The Collector’s Edition / 2010 Mill Creek Entertainment / 3060 Minutes / http://www.millcreekent.com

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