Let’s Go Sailing – The Chaos In Order (CD)

The dreamy nature of Let’s Go Sailing during “Sideways” is fun and energetic, even if the band does not fill their music with bombastic beats or anything else that will pound listeners into submission. The band is not afraid to use repetition during their tracks, and individuals should not be afraid either, since the band is very capable and talented. There is little better that Let’s Go Sailing could do to open up “The Chaos In Order”. The instrumentation does not only highlight the work of the vocals, but it stretches its’ wings on more than one occasion on this track.

The vocals during “All I Want From You Is Love” will remind individuals of the days of Portishead; the inclusion of the pianos and slightly older styles on this track make this a quaint, but fun, song. The track ends quietly, and the slightly happier tempo of “Icicles” begins soon after. The band is able to bounce around a few styles while still having the high amount of cohesion that was previously mentioned. There is a set of pop sensibilities present that counter the indie approach that the band takes. “The Chaos in Order” is perhaps the most perfect title that Let’s Go Sailing could conceivably come up with, as it describes the music that the band creates and the different threads that unite to create Let’s Go Sailing.

The disc is forty minutes, but it feels as if it is half that owing to the easy-flowing sound of the band throughout the disc. Perhaps the highest pinnacle that Let’s Go Sailing achieve occurs during the hump track “We Get Along”. The harmonies are simple but the inclusion of a synthesizer during the track further highlights the dreamy vocals on the track. The strong effort by Let’s Go Sailing continues into “Better Off”, where the wind-swept guitar lines set up the foundation and the catchy vocals add the ornate structures at the top. The band succeeds again. Let’s Go Sailing is an act that plays a smart, subtle, and catchy brand of indie rock. The band succeeds over and over again, and I believe it is only a matter of time before they cross over into bigger and better things. Give the disc a go if you can find it, and if you cannot find it, make sure to contact the band or their record label to get a copy of the disc.

Top Tracks: Better Off, Heart Condition

Rating: 6.5/10

Let’s Go Sailing – The Chaos In Order / 2006 The Yardley Pop / 11 Tracks / http://www.letsgosailingmusic.com / Reviewed 25 May 2007


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