Paranormal Cops – The Complete Season One (DVD)

I’ll readily confess up front that I call bullshit on the entire premise of Paranormal Cops. But my cynicism aside, there is no denying that this realty show is immensely fun to watch.

The series features a crew of real Chicago cops who use their investigative and forensic experience to look at alleged hauntings across the state in their free time. Forget needing to actually believe in ghosts, the real fun in this series is the characters. The cops themselves look like they were all cast in Hollywood -complete with the short, fat cop always chomping on an unlit cigar and the mysterious medium who furrows her brow as the sprits talk to her.

The highlight of every episode is trying to interpret the static that is picked up on the recorders that the detectives use as proof that the ghosts are actually talking to us. Bullshit? Of course it is, but the show entertaining none the less.

Paranormal Cops – The Complete Season One/2 DVDs/2010/A&E Home Video/157 Mins.

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