The Legendary Hucklebucks – Rattle All Night Long and Shake You! (CD)

The raucous brand of rockabilly-style music that The Legendary Hucklebucks seems just as pit-worthy as any punk music, even if the style of music is aurally radically different. Their re-tooling of the traditional “rawhide” track in their “Hillbilly Throwdown” shows a complete punk influence for the members of the band; even if the band uses a bluegrass bass style at times during the track, it is the Mojo Nixon, Primus, Jello Biafra-type vocals of Ted Bundy. The classicizing style of “Honky-Tonk Angel” may change the sound of music that The Legendary Hucklebucks play yet again, but the track seems to exude a brand of vocal weakness.

It is not Ted Bundy’s vocals themselves showing the weakness but rather the mastering on the disc that becomes bare a few times during the track. Even if the track is as a whole completely better than the atrocious Brian Setzer Orchestra, the stylistic similarities are close enough to make individuals shudder at the horrid music played by the latter. Finally moving back into something that resembles punk with their “Railroad Bill”, a re-tooled traditional track, The Legendary Hucklebucks needed the kick in the ass that the increased tempo of the track gives them. The virtuosic guitar riffs played by Matt are what shines the brightest on the track, as they purvey a harmony that would normally not be possible at such a high speed.

The largely instrumental (the only vocals that are present during the track are instrumental-type screams) “Exodus” gives the listener base a chance to actually hear the band at their highest mark, instead of having their music punctuated by Ted’s vocals. The influence that surf-punk, mainly Dick Dale was able to imbue on the band really becomes noticeable on the track. The Legendary Hucklebucks seem to lose some of their focus for the last few songs on “Rattle All Night Long and Shake You”; while “Sin City” seems to have some of the same energy and confident guitar riffs, there are few vocal hooks put forth to snare listeners by Bundy. Moving back to their country influence for “Unlucky With The Ladies”, the ersatz track feels like another traditional track (even if it is not) and The Legendary Hucklebucks are able to shine again. The disc has a number of high spots like “Unlucky With The Ladies”, and it is interesting to see this rock/punk/rockabilly union, as it outstrips the myriad of other hacks in the movements with the greatest of ease.

Top Tracks: Hillbilly Throwdown, Unlucky With The Ladies

Rating: 5.1/10

The Legendary Hucklebucks – Rattle All Night Long and Shake You! / 2005 Rock & Roll Purgatory / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 22 July 2005

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