Year Of The Sun Releases Free Canadian Metal Compilation Featuring Neuraxis, Derelict, The Last Felony, Starring Janet Leigh, Odium, Bloodshoteye, Rusted Dawn, Endast and More!!!

Year of the Sun Records has partnered with Galy Records, Diminished Fifth Records, and CDN Records for the release of “The True North Loud And Free” digital album. The free 16 track compilation features some of Canada’s best underground metal acts from some of Canada’s strongest metal labels. The compilation is currently being offered as a free download through the new Sonic Unyon digital store which can be found online at:

“The Truth North Loud And Free” features cuts from The Last Felony, Derelict, Bloodshoteye, Rusted Dawn, and Odium as well as a live Neuraxis track, the previously unreleased Drudgery song entitled “The Uprising”, and contributions from Toronto’s Starring Janet Leigh and Montreal’s Endast.

“A lot of people think Canada is just this giant land mass with a really sparse population,” states Year of the Sun Records founder C. Benner, “but the truth is, there are so many talented metal bands up here. We got four labels, and some long time friends, to come together to show metal fans worldwide what Canadian metal is all about. This is just an awesome collection of tracks and digital gives us the opportunity and freedom to offer it up to as many people as possible. We hope you like what you hear.”

“The True North Loud and Free” has been made downloadable totally for free through Sonic Unyon Distribution’s new on-line digital store which features an incredible new way to deliver music to fans. Sonic Unyon’s “Desktop and Doorstep” option gives music fans the ability to download digital albums right to their computer desktop while also having the option to have a physical copy of the album shipped right to their door within a couple of days.

“Sonic Unyon has really come through with a revolutionary new way for people to buy, listen to, and collect music,” Benner explains. “When you can get a higher quality digital album and an option for a quickly delivered physical copy all for a cheaper price then what CDs go for in most stores and digital outlets, I consider that a defiant win for independent music as a whole. It’s one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time and we’ve been allowed to give everyone an opportunity to test out the site for free with the release of this new compilation. Make sure you give it a look.”

“The True North Loud And Free” Tracklisting:

1. Derelict – “Summoning the Firestorm”
2. Neuraxis – “The Apex” (Live)

3. Bloodshoteye – “Killing Time”

4. Odium – “Frailty”
5. We the Undersigned – “Pangaea Mind”

6. Starring Janet Leigh – “Ex You”

7. The Last Felony – “Quandary”

8. Misguided Aggression – “Mustard Gas and Roses”

9. Reanimator – “Standards of Failure”

10. Rusted Dawn – “Where Turns the Tide”

11. Deadwalk – “Conqueror”

12. Vatican – “Dysangile”

13. Thy Flesh Consumed – “Devout Heathen”

14. Drudgery – “The Uprising” (Previously Unreleased)

15. The Daisy Anthesis – “m.m.b.m.m.b.”

16. Endast – “Pray for Rain”


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