Alive in Stereo – S/T (CD)

Alive in Stereo come forth on their self-titled release with a very intense and emotionally-driven rock style. The band immediately puts everything into the red, with equal intensity given to the vocals, drums, and guitars, giving “Change Things” the perfect amount of oomph. “Impossible” improves on this first salvo, with a clarity of composition and grit that will remind listeners of Skillet and even Stabbing Westward. While “Change Things” was a single in its own right, I really feel as if “Impossible” has everything going for it.

While not a band-specific facet, I feel that the production present on each of the seven cuts here is essential to allow for the band to properly shine. “American” continues the incline for Alive in Stereo, as the band tangentially touches upon both thrash and emo music with increase riff-age and dramatic statements. Where most acts attempt to show all facets of their band in the space of an EP (and fail), Alive in Stereo show it and have enough time to experiment and impress listeners with each subsequent track here.

The specific impressive element of Alive in Stereo changes as well; where “Change Things” is decidedly vocal-heavy, the sizzling guitar work of “American” keeps things fresh and inspirational. “The Best” continues to change up the equation that Alive in Stereo succeeds with. A much more slinky and soulful track, the presence of jangly guitars and echoing vocals bring a little bit of Tool and Days of the New into the mix. While there are literally hundreds of bands attempting to succeed using a rock sound as their way out of local bars and garages, Alive in Stereo’s honest sound, impressive ability, and catchy music is the reason that you will continue to hear about them as the days, weeks, and months tick on.

Top Tracks: Change Things, Everything is Burning

Rating: 8.2/10

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