Livitz Livitz – Footlong (CD)

Livitz Livitz plays an interesting brand of rock that bounces around quite a few styles on “Footlong”. While there is some kernel of party, Sublime-ish type rock throughout, songs like “Dirty Kelly” push on the hardcore choruses lad forth by Minor Threat.

It is only a matter of time before the band is into “Livitz Dub”, a reggae-influenced track that also throws in a country influence to things. If individuals who are not inculcated with Livitz Livitz music can guess what the band is going to come up with next, I’d be amazed. “OOC” is a track that really reminds me of Sum 41, as there is an all-out punk type of sound that conflicts with an eighties metal style to make something that is high energy while still having a heavy bottom end. “Rise” is the first track that has a link to a prior track on “Footlong”. This time, the band scales back all the intricate meshing of genres and goes boldly forward with a traditional reggae meets ska type of sound. Livitz Livitz always have, regardless of what styles are dominating on “Footlong”, the same radio-friendly attitude to things. “Stu Pedasse”, while having probably the dumbest title for a song ever, is probably the best single that Livitz Livitz cuts on “Footlong”.

The track has a mixture of The Hellacopters and Bouncing Souls to it, and will have individuals singing along to it for months after. “Big Lebowski” fixes the problems that Livitz Livitz have with naming but the premise for the track is weak. The song is a listing of all of the movies that the band likes, without anything else for individuals to grab onto. “Under 18” is the track that shows that they are back on their high horse, tying together pedophilia with a catchy beat and something that is reminiscent of a Foo Fighters. “Footlong” is a collection of modern rock tracks that show Livitz Livitz as a band that is talent in whatever they end up doing. There are radio tracks present on this disc, but there needs to be more explication of the act’s sound to the degree that one automatically knows who is playing the song. I have no doubt that Livitz Livitz will continue to craft their own style until that point where they will see the big time and be able to get their video on a Fuse or mTV. Until then, they need to keep working on their sound.

Top Tracks: Stu Pedasse, Barfly

Rating: 6.0/10

Livitz Livitz – Footlong / 2006 Em Dash / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 20 July 2006


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