Look What I Did – My First Time (CD)

Hey, its metal! Look What I Did are schizophrenic enough that every song has enough of a different sound to it that one thinks that different bands are playing the tracks on this disc. However, each track on this disc has a section where Look What I Did really makes a plea for radio-play. Whether it is the very generic sounding bridge or the Stabbing Westward-like vocals in “My Biggest Fan”, Look What I Did just doesn’t have that spark of creativity to it. They are good, however, at mimicking many a popular “hard rock” band. However, there are very brief sections here and there on “My First Time” that point to a band that really knows how to write a catchy song. Take a listen to the chorus of “House of Cards”, a track that actually does show something in the way of creativeness. What really is a weakness on this disc is not the talent level of individual band members, but some of the break-downs, which seem more on the chaotic side.

Of course, every hard-rocking band needs a slow song, and Look What I Did is no exception. On the penultimate track, “Feast of Breath and Teeth”, they try desperately to draw in a more pop market. The resulting song is on the verge of embarrassing, as the distorted acoustic songs out-of-place at times, as well as the graveness that the band exhibits with non-sensical lyrics like “our eyes converge to create a sturdy shining sundial” . Overall, the disc seems more to me to be a patchwork quite of unfinished songs and off-the-wall influences, two factors together that really make the disc uneven. The final track, “Zanzibar 1: The Dry Mouth Horse that Died at the Watering Hole” is a perfect example of this, with a lack of cohesion that really is noticeable.

Look What I Did is another band that is trying their hardest to make it big, and one can’t really fault them for wanting to do that. I would respectfully put forward that they might move away from being so obviously influenced by a lot of these nu-metal bands and go their own way. The band definitely has some talented musicians amongst their ranks, but the aping of so many bands really works against them when the album comes out and many of the songs on the disc are so disjointed.

Top Tracks : Last Call for Rufenol, House of Cards

Rating : 4.1/10

Look What I Did – My First Time / 2003 Clockrock Recordings / 10 Tracks / http://www.ihatelookwhatidid.com / confirmeddates@msn.com / Reviewed 21 February 2004

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