Los Burbanks – Snake (CD)

The hard crunch that starts out “Snake” is something that I completely did not expect from a band called Los Burbanks. The track throws in some punk bass into something that eventually makes itself into a style that seems closer to what a band called Los Burbanks would sound like. This means that “Snake” is a blend of 311 and Incubus and early Offspring. Los Burbanks are a bipolar band in the sense that they can come up with heavy sections of their tracks immediately after the light, emotionally-heavy segments on each song on “Snake”. The most interesting thing about the first few tracks of “Snake” is that Los Burbanks try to throw in different styles to their overall approach to the disc. Thus, “Straight Line” blends together a Latin flair to something that is still oriented towards a rock approach (this time, going into the sludge rock of later Corrosion of Conformity and Fu Manchu). ”Iguana” is the longest track on the disc by over a half minute, and the bipolar nature of Fu Manchu is what keeps the track (and by extension, the disc) interesting and fresh. While individuals may be turned off by the slower parts of “Iguana”, they really are contextualized nicely, allowing listeners to understand why exactly the band chose to put this track in such an early and prominent position on “Snake”.

A number of acts try to come up with a bevy of different approaches on their discs, and end up not having a distinct sound with what they end up selling to their fans. This is a major problem for acts, but Los Burbanks are able to interject just enough of themselves into each different style that individuals can understand what exactly the “Los Burbanks” style is. The disc is a proper length and has a number of tracks that could conceivably make it onto radio. The band has a very laid back sound that permeates the tracks on “Snake”, and while it works well with all things considered, the band would probably have more in the way of successes if they added a little energy (as was the case with “Snake”) to more of the tracks on the disc itself. I have no doubt that the band will be able to continue along with this style and become more impressive with each following album. Check them out if you like rock, Spansih music, or music in any way, size, shape or form.

Top Tracks: Snake, Adiccion

Rating: 6.4/10


Los Burbanks – Snake / 2006 Infidel / 11 Tracks / http://www.losburbanks.com / http://www.infidelrecords.com / Reviewed 25 September 2006

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  1. Check out SON LOCUAZ on facebook. ex-burbank lead singer German Briseño is now the front man of that LA based band… they rock! Los Burbanks are no longer together bumber.


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