Saving Grace: The Final Season (DVD)

Saving Grace was a series that I felt was ended too abruptly. The show itself premiered in 2007, and only got 3 full seasons before it was taken away from viewers. This DVD set, released by Fox, captures the last 19 episodes of the series. During this season, Grace (Holly Hunter) starts off fighting against a terrorist plot (“We’re Already Here”), looks into the suspicious death of a court reporter (“She’s a Lump”), and even determine how exactly a Hasidic Jew and a group of cows relate to each other (“Mooooooooo”).

However goofy some of the episodes may be, there is decidedly a more intricate and emotionally intense storyline being weaved through this season of episodes. Where there may be a few times where the storyline seems to be put on hold (“You Can’t Save Them All, Grace”), only with minor progression, the writers really step their game up through the second half of the season. The show itself ends with “I’m Gonna Need a Big Night Light”, an episode that acts as the dramatic climax for the show. While skirting the line between realism and fantasy, this last episode showcases exactly how important Grace is in the grand scheme of things.

For those that may have missed a few episodes of the show the first time it aired, or for those that would like a few hours to fully see the story as it completes, The Final Season DVD set represents a cheap but incredibly worthwhile purchase. Who knows, too – perhaps if the DVD sales of Saving Grace are high enough, the show could be resurrected in the same way as Family Guy and Futurama. Regardless of whether an individual is already familiar with the show, or is coming to it completely fresh, there is no reason that a gift of the Final Season of Saving Grace shouldn’t be in order.

Rating: 8.0/10

Saving Grace: The Final Season (DVD) / 2010 Fox / 836 Minutes / /

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