The Good Guy (DVD)

Very few in the way of romantic comedies can more largely be enjoyed by a movie-going audience. In fact, late-nineties/early aughts films in the vein, including Bridget Jones’ Diary or My Big Fat Greek Wedding seem incredibly dated. The Good Guy, a romantic comedy featuring Alexis Bledel as a person in charge of eir destiny, matched up with both mogul (Scott Porter) and timid one (Bryan Greenberg). The tension that is present here, owing to Beth’s (Biedel’s) attraction to two colleagues at the same work force.

The transfer of The Good Guy is solid, ensuring that the crispness and vibrancy of both human and environmental cues is present. There is a sense that everyone is impacted during The Good Guy by the hustle and bustle of New York, and the audio here ensures that there is a perfect balance of conversation and the numerous sources of ambient noises that one would expect in a city. More so, there is some strong work done by both Porter and Greenberg in actually seeming like the type of people that would work together, rather than merely being themselves in a role. This is important, as previous actors that were known for their romantic comedies (Hugh Grant, for example) merely changed costumes and were themselves through their entire corpus of work.

Perhaps the most illuminating extra-film feature that is present is the audio commentary that was conducted with the director/writer of the film, Julio DePietro as well as Bledel eirswelf. While the inclusion of the trailer is interesting, I feel that the commentary really adds additional context to The Good Guy, allowing viewers to restart the film and better understand what exactly DePietro and eir cast were attempting to do here. While I am not the biggest fan of romantic comedies, everyone works their hardest here and makes a film that can stand on its own two feet.

Rating: 7.8/10

The Good Guy (DVD) / 2010 Lionsgate / 91 Minutes /

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