The Last Song (Blu-Ray + DVD)

Nicholas Sparks, who penned the original book that The Last Song was crafted on, is perhaps the best-known author at the current time. In much the same way, Miley Cyrus may just be the most well-known actress at this current moment. It is not surprising then that The Last Song is a title that is truly magnificent, with a storyline that anyone can identify with.

The Last Song surrounds a father (Greg Kinnear) and daughter (Cyrus) attempting to recreate the carefree relationship that they once had, a fact made difficult by the considerable troubles that Ronnie (Kinnear) has gotten into in the past. The massive chasm that has been created between the two is gradually shrunk through a shared love of music. The characterization of both main characters, along with an additional cast that includes veteran actors like Kelly Preston and Rhoda Griffis, provides viewers with a sense that everyone is giving their all here.

There are a few featurettes that are present on this 2-disc combo pack which further give the title value. Aside from the deleted scenes that are present, viewers will be able to see exactly how the alternative opening sequence really changes the context in which the rest of the movie can be enjoyed. For those fans of Miley’s musical career, Buena Vista has included a solid cut of the video for “When I Look At You”. However, I feel that there are two additions to this combo that stand beyond all of the others – the audio commentary and the behind the scenes feature for “When I Look At You”. Both of these provide insight into exactly how hard the movie (and the mini-movie music video) was to create, and the former gives viewers some idea about what it took to bring Sparks’ book to light.

Rating: 9.0/10

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