Brooklyn’s Kordan to release their upbeat, shoegazey dream-pop debut full-length this October

The Brooklyn indie-rock, dream-pop trio Kordan are set to release their anticipated first full-length album this October. Their shoegazey-electro textures take cue from the guitar drones of late 80s/early 90s groups like Ride or Swervedriver and are driven by propulsive, post-punk rhythms and synths of earlier Factory/Mute releases. More contemporarily, think a more melancholy, darker (but still dancey) flipside to the upbeat indie pop of The Drums. Don’t sleep!

Kordan // The Longing
Sifting through traces of quantum universes, Kordan find the lush textures, pulsating beats, and somber melodies that they use to project dreams of bleak, dismal cities in a holographic future. But just below this mournful atmosphere there is also flicker of energy, like one of those cities is slowly flickering back on after a blackout. Lumines- cent synths build on scratchy guitars and the electricity of the city finally rushes back on.

Arthur (vocals/guitar), Liz (vocals/synth), and Gabo (bass) emerged from the vibrant rave and indie rock scenes in Puerto Rico during the early 2000s. After different stints found them in different parts of the US, the trio converged in Brooklyn. Together again, they began to fuse an electro glint and a shoegaze murk, and thus forged Kordan.

In the fall of 2008, Cut Copy heard the band’s songs and chose Kordan as an opening act on their North American tour, taking them through Minneapolis, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, and back to New York City. In the summer of 2009 Kordan released their demo recordings as the Fantasy Nation EP, garner- ing critical acclaim from Filter, Jezebel, and Oh My Rockness, among others. The debut release heralded Kordan’s aural world, tinged by futuristic visions and Japanese street culture. The following autumn months saw Kordan playing a CMJ showcase and shows in New York City, including opening for The Drums and The Mary Onettes. They have also brought their sonic influences to other bands, having done remixes for ZAZA and The Delta Mirror.

The Longing, their first full-length album, expands the dystopian city they built on Fantasy Nation, making way for a full-fledged love story in a hazy metropolis circa the year 2036. Somewhere in a bleak, run-down Tokyo neighborhood, someone drifts through the crowds, holograms, and faded neon to reunite with a loved one he hasn’t seen in years. In this vast metropolis of millions, loneliness has become his prison. The longing he has felt for her and the memories of what could have become have become his only reality.

“They have created a cerebral gesture, an atmospheric ride through Tokyo’s cityscape.” -Jezebel Music

“Fantasy Nation is one of the most memo- rable debut releases of the year, and listening to it shows why Cut Copy demanded Kordan to be their opening act last year after hearing the songs on this EP.” – Obscure Sounds

“If you like any of that old shoe-gaze Britpop stuff, then Kordan has a stronger than fight- ing chance to become a part of your listening life.” – Oh My Rockness

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