Downslave – Cost of Freedom (CD)

“Unnamed” is the first salvo that Downslave shoots at their listeners, and it is pretty immediately that one can hear Papa Roach, old school Megadeth, and even Hellyeah in this straight-forward, intense bit of metal. With a production hat virtually ensures that the band will break it big, “Cost of Freedom” has it all. “Cost of Freedom” varies things up, giving the drums a highlight that properly shows the talent used in creating each roll to brutal arrangement. Fans will hear a little bit of Pantera in the band’s overall output, while Downslave ensures that the guitars and vocals work together nicely.

“Test of Time” continues freshening things up, with an instrumental opening that has to be heard to be believed. While the vocals kick in after the half-minute mark, this instrumental opening nevertheless contains a cogent and compelling narrative. “Total Aggression” changes two things in Downslave’s overall sound. First, the band throws the spotlight previously on the drums onto the guitars, while the act includes a little bit of thrash metal to the track. What results is another track that is single-worthy, and will be one that gains the most play on my copy. “Death To The New” is epic in its overall sound, tying together all elements of the band in a way that would sink many other established bands – linking these elements ensures for a full sound and a timelessness to the track that will appease all fans of metal, no matter whether they started with Black Sabbath, Sepultura, or even Bleeding Through.

Keeping things hard and heavy through the whole of “Cost of Freedom”, Downslave buck the trend endemic in metal music to slack off on a disc’s final few cuts. “Brink of Extinction” is evidence of this, as the band hammers in drums and guitars, ensuring that a permanent tattoo of the track is rendered onto listeners’ brains. Give “Cost of Freedom” a spin if you consider yourself to be any sort of a metal fan, and see them live – I can just imagine how visceral live versions of “Pit Approved” or “Hated” would have to be.

Top Tracks: Cost of Freedom, Death To The New

Rating: 8.1/10

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One thought on “Downslave – Cost of Freedom (CD)”

  1. These guys are awesome live. They sound great, aas they do on the cd. And that is how I judge the talent of bands. Add in the fact they are pretty cool guys to talk to, makes this one of my most played albums.

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