The Paperbacks – Lit From Within (Parliament of Trees)

It was a little more than overkill when The Smashing Pumpkins put out their double album in 1995, so the fact that The Paperbacks, a Canadian indie pop band with little recognition outside of the Pitchfork crowd, gave their latest release the double record treatment seems downright ballsy. A two disc, 32 track album in the era of iTunes is a little unheard of in 2010.

Lit From Within, the band third full length, is a bit much to take on the first few listens. And to be honest isn’t compelling enough to keep even the most patient listener around much longer to give the album a chance to sink in.

There are a handful of good tracks hidden within the filler (“Good Lives…” and Do You Sleep?” among others), but it’s a chore to dig through the excess. I might suggest a little restraint for the next offering.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Top tracks: “Do You Sleep?” and “Good Lives…”

The Paperbacks – Lit From Within /2 CDs/2010/32 tracks/Parliament of Trees

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