Ceramic – The Past Ain’t Far (CD)

Most acts give listeners a few tracks to properly get their footing and understand where the band is coming from, but Ceramic immediately comes forth with two intense salvos. These tracks, “You Give More Than Enough” and “Who’s Gonna Guide The Night”, are ones that will tattoo themselves on anyone that listens in, and that is primarily due to the intricate musical arrangements that are present. Little more is needed to start off “The Past Ain’t Far” than a guitar and a set of vocals, which work together to establish an emotive and dreamy track.
As things continue to roll on, Ceramic introduce the rest of the band to craft a track that stretches across all styles and genres of rock, giving the band a truly unique flair. “Who’s Gonna Guide The Night” starts off in a slightly quicker fashion than “You Give More Than Enough”, allowing listeners to hear a different side of Ceramic. While the smart instrumentation and impressive production represent two strands common with the introductory track, the momentum of the track is such that listeners will stick with the album.
“How Can I Return” skillfully links together dreamy, post-psychedelic rock with hints of folk and even a slight smidge of country; fans of early Eagles, Warren Zevon, and even later acts like Jellybean and Blind Melon will find ample amounts to sink their teeth into. Rather than packing things up early, Ceramic ensures that the later reaches of “The Past Ain’t Far” contains some material that will really make listeners think. With a twinkling guitar similar to that presented fans during Queensryche’s “Silent Lucidity”, Ceramic recreates the pomp of sixties guitar rock with the album’s titular track. Where many rock bands tend to settle into a singular sound by the end of their albums, Ceramic always ensures that what they put forth on “The Past Ain’t Far” is interesting, experimental, and resounds loudly even after the album is done. For fans of any form of rock, this album is something special.
Top Tracks: You Give More Than Enough, Who’s Gonna Guide The Night
Rating: 8.0/10

Ceramic – The Past Ain’t Far / 2010 Self / 10 Tracks / http://www.ceramicmusic.com

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