Kylie Minogue – Rare and Unseen (DVD)

It seems that there is very little in the way of active work being done to restore old interviews, performances, and the like from musicians. Whether it be straight releases from VHS of extremely important titles like Urgh! A Music War or music-related films like Times Square, many movie houses could stand to do what is done with Kylie Minogue – Rare and Unseen.

This collection brings together an interview with 21-year old Kylie from Australian TV, along with eir thoughts about Moulin Rouge and even the first time ey was seen on television. This collection does a hell of a job showcasing Minogue through all aspects of eir life, rather than merely limiting viewers to learning about the first few decades of eir career. As is the case with all video compilations, Rare and Unseen’s clips vary in quality. However, much work has been done in bringing the quality of the earliest ones in line with the newer clips. Where collected from Australian or British television, these interviews and features all are relatively sharp, with no answer or other response too haggard to hear.

The best work regarding these early interviews and other forms of footage has to come in “Ghost Train”, a children’s show that had eir on in 1989. Where all footage was thought lost, Top 40 Charts (and distributor MVD) were able to find it, clean it up, and ship it out. There are literally thousands of stars from all decades that could benefit from a DVD release like this; I sincerely hope that sales from this DVD are strong enough to merit a similarly intense look into the careers of various musicians, actors, or even public figures.

Rating: 9.0/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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