Miss Violetta Beauregarde – Odi Profanum Vulgus et Arceo (CD)

When I first started listening to Miss Violetta Beauregarde, I started thinking that eir website – Violettasucks.com – was something that showed that Beauregarde knew what ey was talking about. The style is something that is close to the work of artists like Peaches, but with a hint of the digital hardcore that acts like Lolita Storm created for their audiences a few years back. During “How To Use A Good Idea”, the progression of the synth arrangements actually provides listeners with a workable dance beat. This is nowhere near as catchy as what would dominate during “Adolf Hitler’s Emotional Side”, but is still serviceable.

During “Adolf Hitler’s Emotional Side”, Beauregarde’s vocals actually start making sense in regards to the music that it works alongside. The one great thing about “Odi Profanum Vulgus et Arceo” is that the tracks are all very short. Beauregarde knows that the tracks will not und quite as fresh in the third or fourth minute as they do in the first two minutes, so ey cuts them short and makes the disc stronger as a result. The disc is only twenty minutes, but the compositions are so off-kilter and full of sound and style conflicts that individuals can keep listening in and digging what Beauregarde has for all of us. The music will only be able to be dug by individuals that can get their minds around it.

For what is a very spastic industrial, Aphex Twin meets Atari Teenage Riot type of style, there is only a small fanbase. It will take a hardy listener to go forward and actually be able to pick up this album cold. However, if listeners are able to, there is an allure to each of these tracks, one that will stick with listeners well after they have put the disc away for the night. If the X-Ray Spex were starting out in 2006, I have no doubt that they would sound like Beauregarde. The screaming may not always work with the instrumentation in the specific track, but for the most part the combination of Beauregarde and the rest of the band is something that is grovy in a sharp, industrial way. Give this album a try if it sounds interesting in the least; the songs may be different from anything that is currently on the radio but Beauregarde is excellent at whipping up eir fans into a dancing, prancing frenzy.

How To Use A Good Idea Till it Turns Into A Bad Idea, Adolf Hitler’s Emotional Side

Rating: 6.5/10

Miss Violetta Beauregarde – Odi Profanum Vulgus et Arceo / 2006 Temporary Residence Ltd / 16 Tracks / http://www.violettasucks.com / http://www.temporaryresidence.com / Reviewed 17 August 2006


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