Mock Orange – The Record Play (CD)

Another very catchy batch of emo/punk sensibilities from this Indiana band that will drive your head into a frenzied bop that just wont stop. Every song on “The Record Play” is constructed in a linear fashion with nearly the same tempo, allowing an individual to more easily notice the subtle currents running through the entirety of the disc. “Nothing to Write” is the beginning of when the disc becomes something more that the sum of its parts, as the bass lines mix excellent with the guitars during the track. While a great deal of the cd does happen to follow the same soul-seeking formula that has brought bands so much success in the past, Mock Orange does also experiment a great deal, making what could potentially be a very boring album something that is at its worst endearing. The only thing that is lacking with “The Record Play” is the lack of a standout single. While a number of songs have short moments that bring them above the mire of the rest of the disc, the fact is that no one specific track makes one just want to pick up the disc. While each track is beautifully rendered and utterly inoffensive to the human ear, nothing really innovates and nothing really catches my ear.

Top Tracks : None Really

Rating : 5.4/10

Mock Orange – The Record Play / 10 Tracks / 2001 Lobster Records / / / Reviewed 10.07.2003

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