Monitors – Buller (CD)

The songs that Monitors commit to disc are interesting to say the least. At some point, the music that Monitors play is a brand of indie rock, but the sheer off the wall sound that the band creates puts Monitors more firmly into the noise genre. At some point, Monitors have an extremely catchy style that will get individuals herking and jerking about. While the style of music may not be what is played often on popular radio, Monitors show listeners that they have a tremendous amount of music skill during tracks like ”Exploding Racehorses”.

The track may only be a few seconds over two minutes, but that does not stop the band from creating a full track that will keep individuals sated. The stable base that Monitors begin their “Theme From Tremors” gradually degenerates into a mixture of guitars, drums, and other un-discernible sounds. The band may come up with very short tracks but there is so much that is going on during an average Monitors track that individuals will feel as if the band released a double-disc set. There is a controlled fury during each of the tracks on “Buller” that will make it easy for individuals to seriously get into the music or just to rage against it. The two distinct options are there, and Monitors make sure that no group is excluded from enjoying their music.

All of the four forays into music have a drastically different sound from one another, and Monitors make sure that there is not a dissonance present in these songs by tying them together with a common thread. This thread is a disregard for the structure and the style of music forms that preceded Monitors; by saying “fuck you” to all but the most basic assumptions of popular music, the band is able to go and create something completely new for listeners. There is a tremendous possibility that Monitors can continually innovate and come up with new and exciting music that not only pushes the boundaries of their listeners but of popular music itself. The music on “Buller” may have came on a CDR and a printed insert, but there is little doubt in my mind that the band will be moving onto bigger and better things in the near future. Give this band your attention and the doors of perception will open wide; Monitors are the key that individuals need.

Top Tracks: Improvisation

Rating: 6.3/10

Monitors – Buller / 2006 Self / 4 Tracks / / / Reviewed 22 May 2006


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