Movie Star Kiss – Starting Over (CD)

Movie Star Kiss – Starting Over / 2006 Self / 10 Tracks / / Reviewed 07 November 2006

The opening of “Starting Over” is slow, deliberate, and snowballs to give the opening set of vocals even more fury than it would have normally had. There is a high amount of repetition present during this track, but the band is smart enough to end the track before the band finds themselves in any form of rut. The repetitive nature of the band starts even earlier during “Let It Ride”, but the bass guitarist steps in and differentiates the sound of the band completely.

The one great thing about Movie Star Kiss is that the tracks that they include on “Starting Over” are not long enough for individuals to get fatigued with the band. That fact is coupled with their blend of punk and rock to make for an album that is always fun to listen to. However, Movie Star Kiss’s first big track comes during “These Days”, which is a hard-hitting punk-infused track that nonetheless has enough harmony present to get all of the younger set singing along with the band for months, if not years to come. The track that immediately follows “These Days” is “Big Shot”, and it brings Movie Star Kiss back to the days of acts like SR-71 and Fuel for their primary influence.

The band may take a few tracks to get everything situated, but when they get into a groove there is no stopping Movie Star Kiss. They simply know how to create catchy pop-laced tracks that should by any sense of justice be played all over mTV. The band loses a little steam with “Teenage Fantasy”, but the track is still miles beyond what an average band would be able to come out with. If “Teenage Fantasy” is an example of the filler tracks that Movie Star Kiss could come up with, the band is definitely a solid buy. “Weekend Friend” is another amazing track that is cranked out by Movie Star Kiss. If anything, this is the best track on “Starting Over”. I know that this tack alone would be occasion for me to keep this disc in my CD changer for months to come. I have a good feeling that Movie Star Kiss will be picked up by a Lobster or Capitol Records here in the very near future. Keep checking out their website for new music, tou dates and more; Movie Star Kiss is deserving of your time, that is for sure.

Top Tracks: Weekend Friend, Face To Face

Rating: 7.6/10


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