Rex Moroux – Royal Street Inn (CD)

The opening of “Royal Street Inn” sounds as if a blend of Adam Duritz and Coldplay were present with Moroux’s “Cincinnati”. There is the typical singer-songwriter in a coffee shop style, with a very tender bit of instrumentation backing up Moroux’s vocals. What results is a track that could easily be played on all of the pop and Top 40 radio stations. This does not mean that the track is bad or otherwise not impressive, but that Moroux has a very focused style.

The beginning of “R Bar” reminds individuals of the middle 1990s for a few seconds, and then moves between a slower style and the hopeful vocals similar to the aforementioned Duritz and groups like Edwin McCain. “R Bar” gives Moroux another strong mark, and allows individuals to stick with the disc, something that is made even easier with the soulful guitar work that inserts itself at times during the track. By the time that “Blow Away” starts, one can hear how Moroux is moving into a more classic type of country music. There are bits an dpieces of lap steel and a “Rawhide” type of bubbly tempo that shows Moroux’s ability only when it becomes clear that what is occurring on this track is an extension of the other tracks on the disc. “Vino Maliero” continues with the same country influence, but the tempo is slow to the point that it is almost painful. It is only when Moroux incorporates the emotional strings and speeds the composition up a little that individuals can really get behind this composition.

This is the first hint of weakness for “Royal Street Inn”, and this is very short, perhaps only lasting for twenty seconds. For those naysayers, Moroux is still in strong straits, and the string solo is something that only makes eir position stronger on this track. Moroux is an artist that is able to incorporate a tremendous amount of ability and skill in each of the tracks ey puts on “Royal Street Inn” (just listen to the track “Extended Stay America for the best example of this), and if the right people get wind of this disc, there is a good chance that ey could be the next John Maher. Give the disc a go if the style of music sounds amenable to you, or if you can stomach the typical fare on the top 40 radio stations; I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Top Tracks: Extended Stay America, Cincinnati

Rating: 6.6/10

Rex Moroux – Royal Street Inn / 2006 Self / 10 Tracks / / Reviewed 25 February 2007


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