The Choir – Burning Like The Midnight Sun (CD)

Unfortunately, it seems like I have missed the bulk of The Choir’s work. As they have been a band since 1985, and have released 17 different albums, I feel like I have a lot to catch up upon. However, starting up “Burning Like The Midnight Sun” requires nothing in the way of familiarity with the band. From the beginning of the band’s introductory track, “Midnight Sun”, it seems as if each subsequent track brings a little more to the table. “That Melancholy Ghost” builds off of “Midnight Sun” in terms of the dramatic rise in tempo that marks the track. Where there is a slow and sedate style that marks the early measures of the track, the band deftly increases speed and intensity until that glorious pinnacle is reached. “A Friend So Kind” provides listeners with an intimate look into the band’s technical prowess. Little more is needed at the beginning than drums to set the stage, but the inclusion of other pieces of the band makes this a deep track.

When many acts are more than content to rest on their laurels with last-career titles, there still seems to be more than enough spark to keep listeners interested throughout the entirety of “Burning Like The Midnight Sun”. While I have no evidence to really prove it, I feel that it is the band’s constant message and desire to bring it to as wide of a base as possible that makes tracks like “Invisible” just as impressive as introductory salvos (“Mr. Chandler”, “A Friend So Kind”). With nary a fault to be found on this release, I know that I will have to pick up a few of The Choir’s earlier release for Thanksgiving and Christmas listening.

Top Tracks: Midnight Sun, Between Bare Trees

Rating: 7.3/10

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