The Cleveland Show: The Complete Season 1 (DVD Set)

The Cleveland Show is further evidence that whenever Seth MacFarlane has a new project out, ey throws all of eir weight into creating the best possible show. Where Family Guy was once the best show, it rapidly turned into American Dad and now is The Cleveland Show. This DVD set showcases everyone’s favorite sidekick – Cleveland Brown, eir son and a host of new characters. These characters range from the bizarrely familiar (a Russian bear couple that look like Peter and Lois from Family Guy) to the outright bizarre (a skinny hillbilly and eir Rascal-bound wife).

The DVD set captures each of the show’s first season episodes, ensuring that viewers can re-familiarize themselves with the family and the cast before they jump into the second seaso (which premiered on September 26th). The audio and video are absolutely stellar, and seem to be frame for frame with the HD broadcasts of the show.

The extra features are really what make the purchase of the DVD well worth it. Of course, there are a number of deleted scenes present here, but the “Making Of” feature with Earth, Wind and Fire provides a humorous and interesting look into the creation of the scene. The table read that was captured during Kanye West’s time at the show provides viewers with some semblance that the performer is somewhat human, not all-diva as sites like TMZ and Popeater would indicate. Regardless, if one is a fan of any of Seth MacFarlane’s previous shows and has either missed The Cleveland Show the first time around, this DVD should be a must buy. Pick it up on pay day, for sure.

Rating: 8.0/10

The Cleveland Show: The Complete Season 1 (DVD Set) / 2010 Fox /582 Minutes /

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