The Jesus Rehab: The Highest Highs & The Lowest Lows (CD)

“The Highest Highs & The Lowest Lows” truly begins when The Jesus Rehab gets to “If It Feels Good It Is Good”, a track that immediately defies convention. It simply has something for everyone, whether they are fans of Weezer, The New Radicals, or even Eve 6. The Ben Folds-esque piano turns this track into something that would easily be on rock radio, ensuring the band a spot on the CMJ charts for months to come. “The Highest Highs” continues with “Memories Are Better Than Photographs”, a more introspective sound that showcases The Jesus Rehab’s ability to work flawlessly together.

With a look back to the middle to late nineties emotive rock scene that brought forth Bright Eyes, The Appleseed Cast, and Desert City Soundtrack, The Jesus Rehab has a twinkling ode to the winter that nevertheless keeps listeners warm. “Behind Closed Doors” is a track that nears the six-minute mark, but the additional time the band grants the track is enough to make for an epic track that links together the emotive style of previous tracks on “The Highest Highs’ with grunge and even a slight smidge of sixties rock. “Alone By Myself” represents a microcosm of the different styles, approaches, and sounds broached during the whole of “The Highest Highs & The Lowest Lows”. Where there is such diversity present in the tracks on the album, “Alone By Myself” is the track that creates a cogent narrative, an 11-act play in a four and a half minute form.

The band continues rolling along with late-disc tracks like “Running in Place” and “Seattle”, two tracks that shatter the illusion that late-album tracks should be relegated to the dustbin of memory. In particular, “Seattle” represents a track that is wide open, with distorted guitars and slowed vocals making for a track that will forever be tattooed on the minds of anyone fortunate enough to happen upon “The Highest Highs & The Lowest Lows”. This is an album that should be sought out, and I personally would like to see how The Jesus Rehab’s overall sound and style would be changed when they are given a live venue to work.

Top Tracks: If It Feels Good It Is Good, Running In Place

Rating: 8.5/10

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  1. Hey James,
    I never thanked you for the kind words. Its awesome that you took the time to listen to the record so closely and we are really glad you enjoyed it. We are coming out with a new record soon and we would be happy to send it to you for a listen if you would like? Let us know.


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