Being Michael Madsen (Blu-Ray)

Michael Madsen is one of cinema’s most slept-on actors. At least, that’s how ey typically looks when viewers first see eir in a film. Seriously though, Being Michael Madsen is a mocumentary that brings viewers into the hectic, crazy world that is Michael Madsen’s life. Expressing Madsen as the hottest movie star this side of The Rock, Being Michael Madsen showcases the creation and execution of a trap against a paparazzi that Madsen feels slighted eir.

In the creation of this plan, Madsen draws inspiration from the countless roles eir had, in the ultimate hope that ey is able to fall the thorn in eir side. Along the way, countless similarly-famous stars enter the picture. This means that Harry Dean Stanton, Lacey Chabert, and even David Carradine all make entrances into this film as Madsen’s plan continues to pick up steam.

This film is absolute gold for anyone that feels tired of the invasion of tabloid news into celebrity life. With the advent and rapid gain in popularity of websites like TMZ and , it seems tat there is a rapid blow-up in any news that is even tangentially related to a celebrity, no matter how inane it ultimately is. By turning the tables on these media news hounds, Michael Madsen and director Michael Mongillo push back against the institution that has been so pushy. Without a dull moment, and with enough (almost) star power to properly fuel this title, Being Michael Madsen is one funny-ass film. Pick it up on Blu-Ray or DVD today for a particularly sharp cut of the title.

Rating: 7.8/10

Being Michael Madsen (Blu-Ray) / 2010 Midnight Releasing / 84 Minutes / /

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