Darius Rucker – Charleston, SC 1966 (CD)

It is interesting to see the evolution of Darius Rucker’s musical career. Where ey had a tremendous amount of success as the leader of Hootie and the Blowfish, many fans have not had the chance to pick up eir later works. From the forgotten-about 2002 release “Back To Then” out to 2008’s blockbuster “Learn to Live”, Rucker’s post-Hootie career has rapidly taken off. “Charleston, SC 1966” is an album that many at Capitol Nashville wanted to see achieve the same level of notoriety as “Back To Then”, and it even blew away their expectations. But what about this album is significantly different from “Back To Then”, and why are the songs on this album substantially better than any heard from Rucker before?

There just seems to be a more down-home type of feel to the tracks on “Charleston, SC 1966”. This is done through every side of the title. The production, while still world-class allows for fans to imagine themselves in a small little venue or Rucker’s own house as ey goes through tracks like “Might Get Lucky” or “Love Will Do That”. The tracks on this album feel similarly close and comfortable – the disc’s first single, “Come Back Song” – is perfect proof of this.

Finally, like an uncle or grandfather fleshing out a lengthy and fact-filled story, Rucker’s work on “Charleston, SC 1966” has a goal in mind. Even the duet with Brad Paisley (“I Don’t Care”) furthers this style, as Rucker provides 13 distinct cuts for fans. Finally, the album reaches a climax towards the end of its run; despite being on the latter side of things, “I Got Nothin” is one of the title’s best tracks. Listeners may not have heard much of Rucker’s country career before this album, but make it a point to catch up with things using this album.

Top Tracks: Come Back Song, Southern State of Mind

Rating: 8.3/10

Darius Rucker – Charleston, SC 1966 / 2010 Capitol Nashville / 13 Tracks / http://www.capitolnashville.com

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