Kristina Westin – In The Back of My Mind (CD)

“In The Back of My Mind” is slated to be released in just a few days, and “I’m at War” is early evidence why listeners should be lining up to purchase it now. This is because that there is such a unique set of influences working throughout this introductory track that fans of all stripes can appreciate it. The horns take on equal parts jazz and ska, while there is a style in Westin’s voice that hasn’t been heard since the halcyon days of Garbage. Add these parts together and one has Westin’s first single. However, all could conceivably go awry if she is unable to follow up on this tremendous introduction. The disc’s second track, “What a Night” takes a considerably different tack than “I’m at War”, and that is a good thing. Westin, in this track and others, ensures that listeners can never pin her down or otherwise pigeonhole here. The slower momentum during “What a Night” allows for Westin’s vocals to shine in a way that transcends time or genre; while the instrumentation is more than capable to hang with her vocal chops, one cannot deny exactly how catchy she is here.

“Up In The Air” is another notable track on “In The Back of My Mind”, and it speaks volumes to exactly how unique Westin’s efforts are. While the track can broadly be placed into the pop-rock genre, there is no denying that Westin takes on the trappings of an early Dolly Parton or even a Loretta Lynn at points. She is able to go back decades at points and make these styles and sounds amenable for a 2010 audience. “When The Rain Comes” is further evidence of this; with little more than a guitar and her vocals, Westin is able to make a dense and fulfilling track that will stick with listeners long after “In The Back of My Mind” ends. With every bit and piece hitting on every cylinder, the different efforts that make up Westin’s album create something truly monumental.

Top Tracks: Up In The Air, When The Rain Comes

Rating: 8.5/10

Kristina Westin – In The Back of My Mind (CD) / 2010 Self / 11 Tracks /

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