Lovebirds (DVD)

I feel that, after years of ignoring GLBT-positive imagery in films, that there has been an influx of American and British-based films in the last few years. One specific sub-segment of GLBT cinema has been ignored, though – those films with a more international focus. Water Bearer Films has ensured that there is a United States-based venue for these types of films, and that the films do not require an arm and a leg to watch.

Saying that, it is nice to see that a film like Lovebirds was made and that it is currently available for citizens of the United States. Based in the Spain and the Philippines, Lovebirds showcases the fact that long-distance love can work. Where there are so many relationships that fizzle out or ultimately have to be fixed before they can go forward, the love that Mario and Alexis have is true. The only problem for the couple comes in the big secret that Mario has. Where Alexis has normalized eir relationship with eir family in the years since coming out, Mario has not told a single soul in eir family about eir orientation.

Lovebirds is thus a film that most GLBT individuals can identify with (the drama and problems associated with coming out) and can enjoy. This comedy does has elements of drama in it, but the comedic elements ensure that the film’s 93 minute run time absolutely flies by. With scintillating performances, beautiful imagery, and a set of misfortunes drawn straight from Greek plays, Lovebirds is a title that can be enjoyed by all. In a roundabout way, for those family members that may have a GLBT-identifying member, it does provide some sort of insight for how difficult of an ordeal that they have had to go through. Lovebirds is thus a perfect stocking stuffer.

Rating: 8.2/10

Lovebirds (DVD) / 2010 Water Bearer Films / 93 Minutes /

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