Mrs. Washington Goes To Smith (DVD)

There are few in the way of titles that seem to pull for a slightly older-skewing audience that have broad relevance in cinema. While I totally understand that these titles have a built-in audience, I feel that this allows the filmmakers to get a little lazy. To be honest, I was expecting more of the same when I popped Mrs. Washington Goes To Smith into my DVD player. However, I feel that this story touches upon a set of experiences that more than this arrow swath of viewers can enjoy.

Mrs. Washington Goes To Smith details the collegiate experiences of Cybill Shepherd as Alice Washington, a recently-divorced, older individual that looks to further educate eirself as a sort of catharsis. Ey takes up the mantle of Smith College, a storied institution in Massachusetts. Before that ey can show off eir diploma, ey has to go through all the experiences of a normal college student. This means that ey gets a crush on eir professor, gains a best friend in Zoe (Corri English of The Bedford Diaries), and really is able to open eir wings in a way that ey was never able to when ey was still married.

The film, despite being a hair under 90 minutes, is able to capture well the different sides of the college experience. While it seems as if the pacing is a little too frenetic at times, a carefully-constructed scene is more than enough to put the breaks on the train. Mrs. Washington Goes To Smith is a funny, warm, touching film that viewers of all ages will be able to appreciate and enjoy. It may be a little on the hard side to find, but I feel that this purchase will be well worth it.

Rating: 7.4/10

Mrs. Washington Goes To Smith (DVD) / 2010 Inception Media Group / 89 Minutes /

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