Nexcyx – S/T EP (CD)

We here at NeuFutur were lucky enough to get a copy of the Nexcyx debut EP a few days back, and we would like to give this release some love. What the act does for pop music is nothing less than impressive, and I’d personally like to get in at the ground floor. Take a listen to the band’s first single, “Take A Minute”, and you’ll see what I mean. The track itself has a catchy instrumental arrangement that weaves itself through the four minute run time, while the vocals call forth decades of different influences and styles.

At the very beginning, listeners will hear a love of musical theatre in Mahalia’s singing style. Rather than merely being a Broadway-styled singer, Mahalia touches upon the sixties (Petula Clark), seventies (Stevie Nicks), eighties (Alannah Myles) and beyond (Vanessa Williams) all the course of one track. While “Take A Minute” is a nice introduction to Nexcyx, the much more current and slinky-sounding “Queen” will likely be how most fans get turned on to the act. Of course, there is a passing similarity to Mahalia’s vocals to Rihanna, but I’d not suggest that a one to one comparison is really helpful here. This is because there is such a scintillating set of influences and sounds for Mahalia (and the rest of Nexcyx) to pick and choose during each track on this EP.

Regardless, there is little reason why “Queen” should not garner heavy rotation on both pop and R&B stations, with the absolutely sick production putting this track further into the stratosphere. “Bass” is another track that showcases the aforementioned diversity of sounds and style. Where “Queen” was more pop-based, I feel that there are even nods to rap in “Bass”. Mahalia here is much more Mariah Carey or Mya than Nicki Minaj, which allows Nexcyx to chalk up another single. Nexcyx has made a tremendous statement with this debut EP, and I have no doubt that the tracks on this disc (and any others they may cut) will get XM and terrestrial radio play.

Top Tracks: Take A Minute, On The Floor

Rating: 8.0/10

Nexcyx – S/T EP / 2010 Self / 5 Tracks /

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