No Front Teeth – Suburban Life Sentence (CD)

Overall, this is a typical punk compilation, with a few standout bands. However, there are some interesting difference on this disc that really move it away from the typical compilation and really put it into the land of the bizarre, such as placing a Goth band on it (Deep Eynde). The punk that is played on this disc is usually loud, boisterous music that is really no apologies, and is as a whole relatively forgettable, but there are some definite tracks that should be scrutinized a little bit more than that. Union of the Dead really have a Misfits-esque sound to them, while The Damaged seem to actually know how to play their instruments far beyond the three-chord progression the rest of the genre is known for. Also of some serious note are Nauzia, which sing what can be classified as the absolute worst song on the disc, and of the young year of 2003 with “eu nao quero morrer”. The rest of the disc is rounded out with Red Flag 77 doing “As I Fall” and The Virus playing “Full Circle”, which a number of other bands playing songs that just aren’t as memorable. The only rhyme or reason that I noticed on the CD was that the second half of the Cd is much more strong than the first. I am not really sure why that trend happened, but the bands on the second part of the disc really seem to have their shit together, as opposed to the bands on the first half. If you want a copy of this album, go to .

Rating : 6.2/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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