NoFX – Never Trust A Hippy (CD)

“Never Trust A Hippy” contains a few unreleased tracks and a few new songs that will be on NoFX’s next full-length, “Wolves in Wolves Clothing”. The first track on this album, “Seeing Double at the Triple Rock” shows a harder edge to NoFX than is typically heard; one is reminded of the hardcore punk (The Germs, Agent Orange) that came out of California than the goofy-punk that usually is present during NoFX’s music. “The Marxist Brothers” is amazingly not a re-tool of “The Moron Brothers”; the track is heavily influenced by second-wave ska and reggae; Fat Mike’s humor seems to run dry during this track. Is the band being serious during this track or not?

There seems to be humor here but a lot of what Fat Mike is discussing here sounds fun. One track that individuals will be easily able to tell humor in is “Golden Boys”; the nasal vocals of Fat Mike really come back to an earlier time in NoFX’s history. The catchiness of the track would make this an excellent addition to classics like “White Trash”; the professionality and production of this track firmly establishes it in the current context. Where much of NoFX’s political nature seems to be couched in humor and obscured lyrics, “You’re Wrong” is the most base and essential track to ever come out of the band. This is just an acoustic guitar and Fat Mike telling the conservatives that they are wrong; someone cannot get any more clear than that. The track is not a bombastic punk attack on society, but does more with less pomp than entire political-punk albums can. Making up for lost time, the blazing guitar work present on “Everything in Moderation (Especially Moderation” hits listeners hard and NoFX never stops for air throughout the track’s eighty seconds.

Finishing up with “I’m Going To Hell For This One”, NoFX gives listeners hope that this next album will be a continuation of the same high level that was present throughout all of “The War On Error-ism”. After ten albums, NoFX still has tons to say and the ability to put everything down in such a way that individual’s interest will never wane. Just a few more months and “Wolves in Wolves Clothing” will come out; this disc should be enough to tide individuals over until the disc hits stores. You know you like NoFX; pick up this album and rock out to these new songs.

Top Track: Golden Boys

Rating: 6.5/10

NoFX – Never Trust A Hippy / 2006 Fat Wreck Chords / 6 Tracks / / / Reviewed 06 March 2006


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