The New Tragedies – Vanity Vanity (CD)

YUMMY YUMMY VIOLINS! Thank you, The New Tragedies for your pleasant little contribution to my day right in track one. “Vanity, Vanity” is a picturesque 10-song partner to sit shotgun on those days where you rock your shades, windows down and just drive anywhere you feel. A friend you can laugh and cry with. Loving the luau vibe in “Talk to Me”. Nice falsetto! Calming yet not weak. And beautiful harmonies. Guys, I am only 2 tracks in and I already adore you. And a female vocalist! Okay, so by song 3 you have accomplished pretty much everything I give props for. “Someday Tomorrow” is amazing! I love the acoustic beat. The harmonies, strings, blend of both gender voices, vocal control, lyrics and major chords…blown away. Amazing work. I actually shed real tears during “Hand Word Heart.” Again, awesome job. A man/woman vocal pair has not welled me up like this since Lydia. “Kansas City Misery” has strength from moment one, appropriately named, I love the country feel. The lyrics go to soothing alcohol and cigarette smiles, a beautiful image that I can always value.

The female vocals are never overdone, just enough to add beauty and backing but keeping one sure lead. Dabbling in other genres without getting obnoxious and abandoning the overall feel, “Vanity Vanity” cares to go straight for the heart, where few albums dare to truly dig anymore. Beautiful metaphors, I can see what you are saying. “Overboard” makes me feel like the first time you realize you are in love. I love the softness of it, the beautiful repetition of “stars are watching me.” The song struck an emotion with me, brought back certain memories. A few songs did actually. I kind of enjoy how in each song, it opens in a calm beat, thickens into a complex melodic beautiful song, and then decreases again to the opening calm beat. It works.

The final song does well at this; I also love the lyrics and title, “To Be Sung To.” The New Tragedies takes you somewhere over their 10 songs of “Vanity Vanity”, I don’t care who you are. Somewhere in between the harmonies, multiple genres, tear stained lyrics, resolved chords, and string instrument playground, this album picks you up and carries you into your own life. I will definitely be listening to this album and jamming along for weeks to come, the sun is out and the car is waiting.

Top Tracks: Someday Tomorrow, To Be Sung To

Rating: 8.2/10

The New Tragedies – Vanity Vanity / 2006 New Scratch Records / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 28 May 2007


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