Thomas & Friends Best Tales on the Tracks (DVD)

This is a 6-disc, value priced collection comprising a number of previous releases. At a cost of less than $4 a DVD (at current market prices), it makes sense to pick up this collection even if you have a few of them already. For those that wish to know, the Best Tales on the Tracks collection takes the “Best of” line (Best of Percy, James, Thomas, and Gordon) and places it alongside the 10 Years of Thomas and Thomas and the Treasure DVDs.

The video quality does not suffer at all owing to the proper amount of DVDs that this set takes up – where it could be the case that all of the episodes could conceivably fit onto one or two discs, that would lead to a considerable drop in visual quality. The audio quality is similarly strong, ensuring that children and adults alike will be able to properly understand what is going on without having to crank their televisions up or even rewind once.

This release has incredibly high value, and will be watched throughout the season. Make sure to find it at any well-stocked department or media store. When one considers what exactly they get (well over 50 episodes), the amount of enjoyment that can be taken here is off the roof. Here’s to hoping that Lyons / HIT continues to bundle their older releases in bold and interesting ways, and fills the Holiday season with whichever shows that they can.

Rating: 7.9/10

Thomas & Friends Best Tales on the Tracks (DVD) /

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