Oni Draug – I’m A Man Single (CD)

Funny story. I got this CD totally out of the blue in the mail a few days after I slammed this twelve-year old’s grandfather’s CD. Eir grandfather, Len Guardino, created an absolutely mediocre disc that supported sexism and all the things wrong with the music and the actions of the 1950s and 1960s. From the title of this single, I can only think that Len imbued these values on eir grandkid. What the hell is this? I have absolutely no idea how to categorize it – like some odd early-nineties rap beat over the soundtrack of a Growing Up Gotti episode. In fact, this is the white-kids long-overdue version of Positive K’s “I Got A Man”. The backing beat completely dwarves the vocals at every meaningful juncture, and this backbeat is the same one, repeated ad nauseam throughout the four plus minutes of “I’m A Man”. The vocal flow through the track reminds me of Andrew Dice Clay and Sam Kinison, who you may remember as comedians and not as singers. I have no clue why this track was created in the first place, or what it was cut as a single with only two minutes of viable material (remembering that the track itself is over four minutes means that at least half the track is rote as hell). I don’t even KNOW where to get this album, but if you are into tracks made by stars – Mr. T, Hulk Hogan, or the “Macho Man” Randy Savage, this may be the track for you.

Rating. 0.9/10

Oni Draug – I’m A Man Single / 2005 Self-Released / 1 Track

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