Over It – Timing is Everything (CD)

One of the first things that hit me when I first put on the CD is the rich influences that the members of Over It have. The first track on the disc, “Limiter”, mixes breakneck punk vocals with 80s-metal (read: Megadeth) guitar lines and Rush-style (Signals-Era) bass. “Wrong Way” moves on from “Limiter”, continuing the richly-belted out punk guitars and simply brutal guitar licks to provide a song that literally explodes at the end. Seeming more like Half-Hour of Power Sum 41 than even Sum 41 could claim, the hybrid of the more power-metal guitar lines provide an excellent contrast to the slickly-produced vocals. “Serial Kisser” brings The Red Hot Valentines-style synth (or guitar modded to sound like a synth) in its rightful place along the insightful lyrics done with a double harmony. A sense of experimentation really begins with “Fall”, in which the traditionally-accepted time signatures are shucked for controlled breakdowns of guitars and drums. “Things You Never Knew Existed” continues this experiment in style and signatures, but focuses more on the delivery of the lyrics, in which (during the chorus) the lyrics rise and fall in urgency, much like a wave. The only criticism of this very solid and innovative disc is the tendency to fall back on the same chords after the completion of much more technical guitar work. Overall, a solid disc that is both innocuous and dangerous – safe in the candied vocals of the lead singer, but utterly dangerous with the acid-laced guitar lines.

Top Tracks : “Things You Never Knew Existed”, “Cross-Tolerance”

Rating: 7.6/10

Over It – Timing is Everything / 11 Songs / 2002 Lobster Records / http://www.lobsterrecords.com / http://www.overitonline.com / Reviewed : 10.07.2003

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