Paramore – All We Know Is Falling (CD)

The vocals of Hayley really obscure some of the best instrumentation that Paramore can muster, especially when the band opens the disc with their “All We Know”. What is most interesting about “All We Know” are the almost-perfectly sequenced drums of Zac on the track, which are so impeccable that individuals will think that a computer created them. When Paramore creates tracks like “Pressure”, one knows that they cannot be lumped in with the rest of the “emo” bands; the music played touches equally a number of other genres (pop, metal, even folk) that will surprise a listener just trying to find a Coheed clone.

Finding their groove by the third track on “All We Know is Falling”, Paramore couples intense, iconic drumming with the supersonic vocals of Hayley to create something that is musically and aurally pleasing. A harder-edged version of the dreamy-pop that was so prevalent in the middle to late section of the nineties, Paramore mixes solid musicianship with contemplative pop arrangements to reach the largest section of listeners. Instead of having the perfectly-polished-but-detached sound that is all so prevalent among bands of this genre, Paramore connects directly with the feelings and emotions of their listeners through the tortured soul of Hayley. The close grouping of hits during the entirety of “All We Know Is Falling” is a testament to a band that works perfectly together; for example, during “Whoa” the drum/guitar dynamic is staggered to ensure that Hayley’s vocals are accentuated that much more. Each of the tracks follow the same general formula, but the slight derivations from the norm are what will compel listeners to listen in further.

The stretched-out, brooding vocals of a track like “Franklin” shows listeners that a 16 year old can show a maturity and a siren-like ability to compel listeners farther into the track. There are pictures floating around that have emo god Conor Oberst wearing a Paramore shirt; everything begins to make sense considering that each of “All We Know Is Falling’s” tracks is created with the same care that makes the opening tracks so damn catchy. The emotive ability of the rest of the band, especially during the aforementioned “Pressure” is a hallmark that more bands should try to create; by caressing Hayley’s vocals to new-found heights, the rest of Paramore virtually ensure that the majority of tracks on the disc will be hits. This is honestly one of the most intense debuts one can pick up.

Top Track: Pressure, Whoa

Rating: 7.1/10

Paramore – All We Know Is Falling / 2005 Fueled By Ramen / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 09 July 2005

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