Partyline – Zombie Terrorist (CD)

The energy in which Partyline starts off their “Zombie Terrorist” reminds one of early California punk rock, all the way through “Ignition”-era Offspring. The tracks on “Zombie Terrorist” are able to add to each other by working all in the same level. The guitar in “Party-N-Animal” is nearly the same as it is during “Zombie Terrorist”, but the lyrics and the overall approach of the band vary slightly with each different iteration of the band. With a track like “Trophy Wifey”, Partyline move from a nebulous punk sound to trumpeting the sound of Dead Kennedys; the track sounds like something that would be present in “Give Me Convenience”. “No Romantic” immediately follows “Trophy Wifey”, and it is yet another view of Partyline.

The only problem with “Zombie Terrorist” is that the tracks are so short that even having 11 tracks only gives listeners around 20 or 25 minutes with the band. Something that Partyline should look into for the next album is pulling a D.E.K. and sticking 17-19 tracks on a disc, just so that there is more of a sense that individuals have paid for a proper amount of material for the band. As for the replay value, “Zombie Terrorist” is a disc that individuals could keep on repeat for a decent amount of time without getting tired of the band in the least.

“Ladies’ Room” is another track that chugs along, but it is the guitar work present here that keeps individuals listening to the band. There is a good explanation for what Partyline is so impressive, and that is because Alllison Wolfe (from Bratmobile) is taking a lead role in the band. Of course, there are two other individuals that are giving Partyline their specific sound, but only Allison has had such a large role in creating the punk scene out of the three. Partyline could tweak their sound only a slight bit and be able to cut two or three more albums along the same vein, while still keeping as large of a fan base as they have garnered with “Zombie Terrorist”. I know that this album is one of the better punk albums of the year, and if someone likes acts like the aforementioned D.E.K., Partyline will definitely be for you. If you can find a copy, make sure to pick it up and stick it on repeat until it wears out; it is that fun, bouncy, and catchy.

Top Tracks: Trophy Wifey, Nuthaus

Rating: 7.5/10

Partyline – Zombie Terrorist / 2006 Retard Disco / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 22 December 2006


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