Beyblade Metal Fusion: Volume 3 (DVD)

This latest DVD from Vivendi captures 7 episodes from the first season of Beyblade Metal Fusion (episodes 15-21), and gives viewers the opportunity to begin to catch up to where the current story line is at. Volume 3 contains those episodes that were originally aired on American shores from the middle of August all the way out to the beginning of September. This represents a quick turnaround from original English airdate to presence on DVD, and should be a blueprint for any other company that wishes to go and provide their viewers with solid and quick home video service.

The quality of the capture here – both video and audio – is simply stellar. Colors are vibrant and pop on the screen, while the voices seem realistic enough without containing audio artifacts. The two and a half hour runtime ensures for continual viewings, as well as providing a value that will make it easy for any parent or fan to easily pick the collection up (Amazon currently has Volume 3 for $11).

There are still a number of different episodes that still have to make it to DVD format; make sure to pick up this DVD collection to show that Vivendi should continue to crank these bad boys out every two months (Volume 1 was released in November, 2010 while Volume 2 hit stores in January of this year). Make it a point to pick up this DVD set while keeping an eye out for the first episode of the “Big Bang Bladers” story arc, which is tentatively slated to be aired in April of 2011.

Rating: 8.2/10

Beyblade Metal Fusion: Volume 3 (DVD) / 2011 Vivendi / 154 Minutes / /

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