Lance Lopez – Salvation From Sundown (DVD)

Despite having such a nice live performance recorded this year on MIG Music, I must admit I was not too familiar with Lopez’ stuff. Where ey has done some solo albums as well as a stint in Band of Trouble, I feel that ey work here surpasses anything previous captured on disc. This DVD captures Lopez along with Al PahanishJr (drums) and Toni Valdez (bass) for eir Rockpalast date in July of 2009. “Stubbs” is the first track on the DVD, and it immediately presents viewers with some stunning visuals. As an aside, many concert videos seem to be done half-heartedly, with static shots or a tendency to completely miss solos or other fascinating riffs. The footage here does not succumb to these weaknesses, filling speakers and televisions alike with some ass-kicking music.

What will become immediately clear to viewers is Lopez’s range. There are rock tracks, more heavy efforts, and even a slower ballad or two (“El Paso Sugar”). Throughout this concert, Lopez and eir band are continually able to get the audience whipped into a frenzy without pandering to the lowest common denominator. Where we as viewers hear the audience roar, it is due to Lopez’s impressive arrangements rather than calling out the city. Most bands are able to coast on the success of one big song, and while Lopez has the ability to create that one big track, ey focuses on sheer musicianship and skill. It is this dedication that is undoubtedly why MIG put out this effort, and why any fan of the guitar or of the countless genres that have guitars as a focal point should order this album today.

Top Tracks: Love of Mine, Salvation From Sundown

Rating: 8.0/10

Lance Lopez – Salvation From Sundown (DVD) / 2010 MIG / 76 Minutes /

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  1. Where can I purchase Lance Lopez’s Salvation From Sundown cd+dvd set? Amazon didn’t have it. It’s listed at, but is not sold there. This is in response to James McQuiston review.

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