Max & Ruby: Bunny Tales (DVD)

First off, there is a full hour and a half of Max & Ruby episodes here. This far outstrips many other companies’ offerings in the childrens’ video market. Secondly, the episodes here represent different themes and morals, ensuring that the replay value for this collection is high. Max & Ruby: Bunny Tales is a value-priced collection (with an MSRP of well under $20), and will be one that children continually clamor for, while parents will actually want to show.

With episodes like “Emperor Max’s New Suit” and “Max and the Martians”, there seems to be a much more storyline driven approach to children’s programming. I believe that is why Max & Ruby has garnered so many adherents in the time since it originally aired. The show can be held up as a sterling example of what children’s entertainment should be, as some sort of backlash against the overly-noisy and obnoxious programming of the early oughts. Out of the “Bunny Tales” collection, I feel that “Bunny Hopscotch” has to be the most endearing of the different episodes.

This story, which showcases the ins and outs of a classic game like Hopscotch, also shows viewers exactly how one can add a younger person to the activity. With messages to be taken from each episode for adults and children alike, Max & Ruby’s value as a show drastically increases. If you and your children have not had a moment to familiarize with the show, make sure to pick up a copy of “Bunny Tales” from your local video story. I can guarantee that it will not leave your DVD player for months to come, and as the show is a little more quiet than other kids’ shows, you will not regret buying it. Check it out.

Rating: 7.5/10

Max & Ruby: Bunny Tales (DVD) / 2011 Nickelodeon / 98 Minutes / /

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