Reducers SF – Raise Your Hackles (CD)

The gritty vocals of Glen are not new to the genre; in fact, they are par for the course. However, they fit in perfectly with the hard hitting guitars and drums of the rest of the band. The result is something that is radio friendly while still punk as fuck; individuals can pogo and mosh as well as sing along with each line that Reducers SF throw out.

The disc is fairly long for a punk disc, as the band almost crack forty minutes with “Raise Your Hackles”. The band does not lose a step with songs like “You Got Nothin’”. In fact, the shrill guitars during the track have little in the way of comparison, they are that furious. “Knocked Out” is the perfect type of track for “Raise Your Hackles”, as it blends together perfectly punk and country music in much the same way as Hilljack did all those years ago. The fact that the chorus is an all-in endeavor just gives Reducers SF that much more of a sheen on this album. The band is talented enough that during songs like “Knocked Out”, they can even throw in a guitar line that would make hair bands blush; the love of C.C. Deville is something palatable during “Raise Your Hackles”.

The band can do no wrong on “Raise Your Hackles”; each of the songs here are those that will be sung along with as soon as fans can get this album in their hands and listen to it a few times. The great thing about the tracks no “Raise Your Hackles” uis that each of them speak to a different style of punk music. The songs may be based in a streetpunk style, but a track will go and focus on the Irish singalong style, while another will go into oi territory and a third will go into something completely different. Reducers SF are one of the punk bands that will never get old. They could continually cut albums and chances will be good that the thirteenth album will be as solid as their first one. The band does not need their listeners to go and listen to other albums to get a full appreciation of the band. This is enough for the average fan to pick up, and by the end of the album, individuals will have all they need to know about the band. Reducers SF have a hell of a hit on their hands with this disc; make sure to pick it up and turn it up loud, it’s the only way to do it!

Top Tracks: Carry On, Fading Away

Rating: 7.0/10

Reducers SF – Raise Your Hackles / 2006 TKO / 13 Tracks / / / Reviewed 09 August 2006


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